Framework of the transformation in ChemDelta Bavaria – status report of the H2-Reallabor Burghausen project

During the overall project meeting of the H2-Reallabor Burghausen project at the end of the first project year, FfE publishes  a brief report that highlights the framework for the transformation of the chemical industry in ChemDelta Bavaria. It also paves the way for the development of a detailed roadmap towards a future-proof and sustainable economy in Burghausen.

project living lab hydrogen transformation

In the H2-Reallabor Burghausen – ChemDelta Bavaria research project, solutions are being developed as to how the chemical industry can transform towards a sustainable economy. The use of hydrogen is expected to play a crucial part in this. 35 renowned partners from science and industry have joined forces for this common goal in a 4-year project, which is being funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research as a flagship project with €39 million [1].

Who or what is influencing the transformation in ChemDelta Bavaria?

Among the results of the project is a roadmap for the sustainable transformation of the ChemDelta Bavaria. Before this roadmap can be worked out precisely, it must be analysed in detail who or what is important for the transformation in the ChemDelta. The FfE has therefore addressed this question in the form of a short report. Such an important and major question can only be answered jointly by the project team. As part of a survey and a workshop, the project consortium therefore intensively analysed the question of which factors significantly influence the transformation process. The factors identified were grouped into 6 categories and prioritised. Once the results were analysed, they laid the foundation for the subsequent development of a detailed roadmap for the transformation of the ChemDelta Bavaria.

Firstly, an overview of the factors in and around ChemDelta Bavaria was created. The result: a comprehensive diagram in which internal and external factors from the areas of infrastructure, market, research & development, influencing factors and politics & regulation are presented in a structured manner with the ChemDelta in focus (Figure 2).

living lab hydrogen factors transformation
Figure 2: Internal and external factors of transformation in ChemDelta Bavaria

In addition, the most important research questions that are crucial to the success of the project were compiled by all participants. Most of these research questions have already been assigned to the working groups in the sub-projects of the H2 living lab. However, despite the broad research program in the project, some questions remained unanswered, of which the following have been discussed and answered in this short report:

  • ChemDelta Bavaria: What are the opportunities and challenges facing companies in the ChemDelta Bavaria?
  • Policy & regulation: How exactly is “green” hydrogen defined?
  • Infrastructure: How is the infrastructure in the ChemDelta developing with regard to hydrogen and green electricity?
  • Market: How are electricity prices developing?
  • Research & Development: How can science and industry work more effectively together to drive the transformation in the ChemDelta Bavaria?
  • Influencers: Which people, groups and developments are having an external impact on the development of the ChemDelta?

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