Optimised intraday marketing of decentralised heat and cooling generators

In cooperation with VK Energie GmbH, FfE has investigated possible scenarios for the optimised intraday marketing of decentralised heating and cooling generation plants in a project funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection (VK-IDO project, funding code: 03ENM0007). The findings were described and published in an et-Artikel.

Electrification of the heat supply

Due to the ongoing electrification of heat generation, the flexibility of heat generation systems is becoming increasingly important. Driven by municipal heat planning and the transformation plans of district heating operators, heat pumps are being installed across the board. Operators of these heat pumps, such as municipal utilities for a heating network, can increase their revenues by participating in the EPEX spot market. By participating in the day-ahead (DA) and intraday (ID-Auction and ID-Continous) spot market, heat generators can contribute to stabilising the electricity grid, among other things.

Schedule optimisation and marketing

As part of the VK-IDO project, it was shown both simulatively and in practice that ID marketing is useful and possible for decentralised heat and cooling generators. This was demonstrated in simulations using a combination of different optimisation strategies. For the simplest case, this was also actively tested on systems. The analysis of the various trading options shows that intraday schedule optimisation can offer valuable added value and is crucial for operation due to increasingly fluctuating market prices. An estimate shows that combined DA, IDA and forecast-based IDC trading can generate total additional revenue in the order of €25/MWhel with a suitable system configuration. Through discussions with various algotraders, it was identified that the trading of more complex and combined flexibility products still requires necessary development work on the part of the algotraders.

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