Meet the FfE

For more than 70 years, we have been working independently on relevant energy technology and energy industry topics in an energy carrier-neutral manner. The research results are based on scientifically sound analysis methods with technical, economic, ecological and social criteria. We guarantee the neutrality of our work through the breadth of our projects and the diversity of our project partners.

Energy efficiency, renewable energies, digitalisation of the energy system as well as the increasing interconnection of electricity, gas and heating infrastructures, taking into account security of supply, economic efficiency, environmental compatibility and acceptance, are key challenges.

In view of the diverse issues – from resource scarcity to climate change – the FfE’s technology-based energy system analysis based on the demand for energy services and energy applications is more important than ever in order to be able to secure a viable, reliable and affordable energy supply.

Equally important is the highly qualified training and further education of scientists at the FfE, thus increasing the specialist knowledge and methodological competence in the energy sector. Since it was founded, the FfE has provided post-university training for around 350 scientific staff. In addition, an average of about 20 student theses and three doctorates are supervised each year.

There is still much to be done to ensure the success of the energy transition, and the need for experts in independent and interdisciplinary energy research will continue to grow.

We look forward to many new scientific challenges at the interfaces between technology, ecology, economy and society!