Project Bidirectional Charging Management – Insights and Evaluation of the Field Trial

The 16th International MTZ Congress was held in Berlin on May 11, 2022. The focus lay on the topic of “Powertrains and Energy Systems of Tomorrow”, in the context of which the “Bidirectional Charging Management” (BCM) research project provided deeper insights into the ongoing field trial.

The research project tests bidirectional charging applications in a comprehensive field trial to demonstrate the customer benefits and value of this technology. Various data are collected for the evaluation of the field trial and the assessment of the different use cases.

Adrian Ostermann and Patrick Dossow presented the article, “Project Bidirectional Charging Management – Insights and Evaluation of the Field Trial “, on the initial results of the field trial focusing on private customers as part of the ATZ live ” Antriebe und Energiesysteme von morgen 2022″. Here, both the functionality of the self-consumption optimization use case was described in more detail and key values were presented. Due to the delayed start of the field trial, only the unfavourable winter months with less solar radiation could be analysed so far. Nevertheless, the data show that customers with a large PV system, high household power consumption and connection time during the night as well as a low target State of Charge (SoC) reach the best results in this use case. Furthermore, the own consumption rate and self-sufficiency are compared to different charging methods and the efficiency of the system is evaluated. Some of the evaluations are also published on the project’s own evaluation page https://bdl-auswertungen.de.

Patrick Dossow and Adrian Ostermann also showed the BDL Demo Plate at the accompanying exhibition.

We would like to thank all speakers of the congress for the invitation and the organization as well as for the exciting insights.

Figure 1: Project Partners "Bidirectional Charging Management - BCM" at 16th International MTZ-Congress in Berlin. From left: Adrian Ostermann (FfE), Wolfgang Duschl (Bayernwerk), Jürgen Neubarth (Tennet), Franziska Kellerer (Uni Passau), Patrick Dossow (FfE), Johanna Zimmermann (University Passau), Frank Burghardt (Kostal) und Projektleiter Xaver Pfab (BMW Group). ©