Electromobility in Companies: Opportunities and Challenges

On behalf of E.ON Drive GmbH, FfE has produced the following white paper entitled “Elektromobilität in Unternehmen: Opportunities and Challenges”.

The electrification of corporate fleets offers not only ecological benefits but also the potential for cost reduction. By implementing intelligent charging strategies and leveraging smart charging technologies, companies can further decrease the operational costs of electric vehicles (EVs) while promoting the integration of renewable energy into the grid.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Cost Advantages: EVs demonstrate significant cost advantages over internal combustion engine vehicles, especially for high-mileage and mid-to-upper range fleet segments.

Smart Charging: Optimized charging strategies allow companies to minimize electricity costs and enhance self-consumption of solar-generated power.

Environmental Impact: EVs have a better environmental footprint due to lower emissions during operation.

Regulatory Framework: Despite the reduction of government incentives, specific funding mechanisms and tax benefits for EVs still exist.

The whitepaper in German can be downloaded below.

Abbildung 1: Durchschnittliche TCO für Flottenfahrzeuge in Europa