Our Models are the Backbone of our Research – IAEE Results Webinar on eXtremOS

IAEE regularly offers webinars on energy industry topics. On 18.1.2022, we were allowed to present results from the eXtremOS project as part of such a webinar.

What will the European energy system of the future look like if we aim for near greenhouse gas neutrality in 2050 or fail to meet climate targets?

Based on possible future scenarios, our model landscape allows us to address questions about the state of the European energy system in 2050.

In addition to the results and their comprehensible presentation (extremos.ffe.de), we focused on our models in this webinar – how they work, what data they require, and their limitations.

In the context of our current hydrogen research project TransHyDE-Sys they will be further used and developed.


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Thanks to IAEE, GEE, and Dr. Michael Bucksteeg for moderating the webinar!