Master Plan Charging Infrastructure II

On July 8, 2022, the federal government published the draft of the new Master Plan Charging Infrastructure II [1]. The Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport (BMDV) was largely responsible for its creation. The current draft will next be sent to all relevant stakeholders, such as federal states municipalities, associations, and companies, for further discussion of various measures. [2]

With the master plan, the German government is outlining an overall strategy for achieving a nationwide, needs-based, and user-friendly charging infrastructure. This is intended to make it easier, more convenient, and faster to set up and operate charging points. At the same time, the attractiveness of charging infrastructure as a business model is to be increased, thus mobilizing greater investment from the private sector. As a result, Germany is to become the global lead market for electromobility. The German government is thus committing itself to the electromobility goals enshrined in the coalition agreement. [2]

The key points of the master plan are summarized in the infographic below.


Abbildung 1: Infografik Masterplan Ladeinfrastruktur II