Hydrogen Transportation: Analysis of the Process Chains and Comparative Cost Evaluation

There is currently much discussion about green hydrogen as a forward-looking energy carrier. In addition to the issue of which branches should receive hydrogen, when, and at what scale, the place of production is also a much-discussed topic. On the one hand, the production of green hydrogen directly in the country of consumption is possible. On the other hand, other locations with more favorable site conditions can be chosen for production, followed by export to the places of consumption. The decisive factor for the choice of the source of supply will be the price of the energy carrier. In the case of hydrogen imports, transport costs are a significant factor. We investigate this cost component in our article from the January/February issue of et – Energiewirtschaftliche Tagesfragen, titled “Cost Evaluation of Hydrogen Transport Options as a Foundation for the Model-Based Analysis of the Future Hydrogen Infrastructure” (only available in German).  

In this study, we examine the costs of hydrogen transportation by ship and pipelines for various transportation technologies. The individual process steps are broken down before a cost evaluation takes place. You can find detailed information on the used input parameters in the document provided in the download area.