The FfE’s Experts Selected for the IEEKN Expert Speaker Program

The FfE’s many years of experience with the energy efficiency networks of the Initiative Energy-Efficiency and Climate Protection Networks (IEEKN – from the German Initiative Energieeffizienz- und Klimaschutz-Netzwerke) are now available to support all of the IEEKN’s many networks! We are excited to be selected as part of a group of experts in the IEEKN Expert Speaker Program (own translation, from Fachreferentenprogramm), providing additional external expertise to companies coming together to support each other in their journeys to increased energy- and CO2-savings.

The Expertise of the FfE is Available to all Networks

The FfE has gathered many years of experience moderating and organizing our own energy-efficiency and climate protection networks – more than 15 of them since 2010. In doing so, we have experienced the benefits each participating company gains through the networking process first hand, as well as the additional value including external experts in workshops can provide. We are pleased to now be able to return the favor after being chosen for the IEEKN Expert Speaker Program as experts in three of the program’s core topics: “corporate climate protection management”, “corporate energy and environmental management”, and “resource efficiency and sustainability”.

What is the Expert Speaker Program?

The Expert Speaker Program is a pre-selected group of experts who are available to IEEKN networks for presentations and workshops on a variety of important energy efficiency and climate protection topics. Given the ever-increasing diversity of topics that companies must address in these areas, it is more important than ever to have access to qualified experts. With the program, IEEKN makes it easier for network sponsors and organizers to find and engage experts for their network events. Thanks to funding from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection, there are no additional costs for participating companies. Networks can seek support on six core topics:

  • Corporate climate protection management
  • Operational energy and environmental management
  • Legal frameworks and their implementation in the company
  • Efficiency and climate protection technologies
  • Mobility transition and electromobility in the company
  • Resource efficiency and sustainability

Our core topics

We are pleased to offer presentations and workshops based on our diverse project experience and broad expert knowledge in three of the six core topics: Corporate climate protection management, corporate energy and environmental management, and resource efficiency and sustainability.

Over the years, we have directly witnessed the development of corporate energy and environmental management to also include corporate climate protection management and have thorough knowledge in both sub-areas. The FfE has spent years assisting companies throughout Bavaria, Germany, and Europe to develop energy-efficiency and transformations-concepts, as well as implementing and auditing the ISO 50001 standard, and performing energy audits in accordance with the DIN EN 16247 standard. Beyond these standards, interested network moderators can call upon our expertise on topics such as calculating a corporate carbon footprint, planning the organized collection of energy data, or measures for maximal energy efficiency gains. More information on our previous networks and audits can be found here.

While our projects in the field of resource efficiency and sustainability stretch back many years, the tightened European and German climate protection goals and legislation such as the EU taxonomy for sustainable activities has seen attention to this area increase even further in recent years. Going beyond the classical competencies of life cycle analysis (LCA) and resource efficiency, topics such as the new requirements of sustainability reporting, digitalization and sustainability, and decarbonization of the upstream value chain round out our competencies in this area. Follow the respective link for a sampling of our previous projects and publications in the areas of resource efficiency and climate neutrality.

Initial Experiences

The start of the Expert Speaker Program quickly brought our first workshops, held on the subject of emissions accounting. The participants in the networks were first explained the basics of emissions accounting in companies based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, i.e., accounting for emissions in Scope 1, 2 and 3,. However, the workshop also focused on the exchange of experiences among the companies. In particular, Scope 3 (accounting for the upstream and downstream value chain) presents many companies with major challenges. Therefore, individual categories from Scope 3 were worked on together in the workshop. Problems and challenges were identified, as well as possible contact persons within the company, best practices, and measures for reducing emissions. The aim was to provide initial approaches for a first-time accounting of life-cycle based Scope 3 emissions or to get new impulses for already-existing Scope 3 balance sheets.


In total, we offer 36 different sub-topics to choose between within the three core topics “corporate climate protection management”, “corporate energy and environmental management”, and “resource efficiency and sustainability”. Each is available as either an impulse-presentation (1 hour) or an interactive workshop (3.5 hours), and multiple sub-topics can be combined as part of a longer workshop or series of events. In addition, it may be possible to combine aspects from individual sub-topics to fit the needs of your network more precisely. A full list of the topics offered is provided by the IEEKN here. Bookings in the Expert Speaker Program are also organized by IEEKN via the same website, but please feel free to contact us for more information in advance as well.