How can circular economy concepts help to enable the most sustainable possible use of resources?

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  • Hydrogen & SynFuels

    More ambitious climate targets increase the importance of hydrogen and SynFuels.

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  • Energy Markets

    Price signals from energy markets play a crucial role in determining the course of the energy transition.

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  • Mobility

    With the technologies becoming available today, the transformation of the transportation sector could be realized sooner.

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  • Renewable Energies

    Renewable energies form the foundation of a climate-neutral energy system.

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  • Resources

    Natural resources are limited and must be used efficiently.

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  • Industry

    Dialogue and capacity building can reveal and unlock the potential for transformation in industrial companies.

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  • Grids

    Grids are the backbone of the energy supply and face enormous challenges.

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  • Climate Neutrality

    The conduct of many stakeholders will determine the path to climate neutrality.

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  • Heat

    The inertia of the heating sector requires consequential action at an early stage.

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