02.2021 - 08.2024

Industrial flexibility in Bavaria – basic knowledge and practical guide

On behalf of the Association of the Bavarian Industry (Vereinigung der Bayerischen Wirtschaft e. V.), the FfE (Forschungsgesellschaft für Energiewirtschaft mbH) is creating a short study and a practical guideline on the topic of industrial flexibility in Bavaria. The main objective of this project is to provide practical knowledge about the role and utilization of various flexibility options in the industrial sector.


Against the background of a growing renewable energy share in the electricity mix, both, companies and the energy system are facing the challenge of efficiently managing fluctuations in energy generation. Industrial flexibility can play an important complementary role alongside other flexibility options, such as battery storage or bidirectional charging. With the rapidly changing conditions, companies are compelled to grapple with the transformations in the energy system. However, by engaging with this topic, they gain the ability to adapt early to shifting market conditions, respond efficiently to dynamic environmental influences, and develop new business cases.

Project Objectives

In the first part of this project, a compact study is being created to convey fundamental knowledge. The goal is to assess flexibility potentials and needs in Bavaria, considering both the system and stakeholder perspectives. The second part involves the development of a practical guideline, which aims to assist companies in quantifying the options for flexibility provision within their own operations step by step. By using this practical guide, companies will be empowered assess the relevance of flexibility provision within their own operations and potentially initiate a more in-depth exploration of this topic. Additionally, best practice use cases will be created to facilitate interested companies’ entry into this matter.