09.2022 - 04.2023

Hycamite – Carbon footprint of hydrogen from methane splitting

In a collaboration with Hycamite, a Finnish hydrogen technology company, FfE assessed the carbon footprint associated with Hycamite’s hydrogen and carbon products.

Hycamite TCD Technologies has developed a technology for producing hydrogen by splitting natural gas or biogas into hydrogen and carbon. One of the advantages of this technology is the possibility to reduce the carbon footprint compared to the current standard hydrogen production process of steam reformation of natural gas.

Figure 1: Project structure

The aim of this study was to assess the carbon footprint of Hycamite’s planned hydrogen and carbon production process and conduct a training for deeper understanding of the results and methodology. The study followed established international standards, specifically ISO 14067, ensuring a rigorous and unbiased approach.

Electricity for the operation of the production process and methane supply were identified as the primary influencing factors on the carbon footprint of the produced hydrogen and carbon. Therefore, the focus was set on comparing different possible electricity and methane supplies and quantifying the effect of supply chain choices on the carbon footprint of the final products. In all compared cases, the produced hydrogen reached levels below common thresholds for low-carbon hydrogen.

Figure 2: Project results

The project results and used methodology were further discussed during training conducted with Hycamite’s employees for an in-depth understanding of the calculation methodology and results. Special focus was set on further use and communication of the results.

The project results are now used for communication to different stakeholders and are prominently placed on Hycamite’s website.