FfE discussion paper: Demand-side decarbonization options and the role of electrification

Electrification can result in deep emission cuts across all sectors. In this FfE discussion paper we provide answers and food for thought for some of the core aspects of electrification. Questions addressed in this discussion paper are:

  • How is electrification defined and is it relevant for decarbonization?
  • Which technologies are used for direct and indirect electrification?
  • Direct vs. indirect electrification – what is the system-cost optimal mix?
  • Are there sufficient vRES potentials to cover the additional electricity demand?
  • What is the effect of increased direct electrification on short and long-term flexibility in the energy system?
  • Are there examples of countries, which are already highly electrified?

Furthermore, we suggest a categorization for demand-side decarbonization options as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Categorization of demand-side decarbonization options including examples for direct and indirect electrification