Approach to determine the effect of local flexibility options within the framework of a smart market platform

Poster presentation at the 8th Solar Integration Workshop from 16 to 17 Oktober 2018 in Stockholm

Veröffentlicht am 08.11.2018

Within the framework of a so called smart market platform (part of cooperation project C/sells), the technical grid evaluation of flexible assets is crucial, and can be achieved without the use of continuous load flow calculations and grid data. The approach described in this paper contains a method to compute the impact of flexible assets and linearize this, which makes it possible to approximate the effect of flexible service provision without further information. For the classification of the results, a comparative case study with load flow simulations is used.

Summary & Outlook

The described approach has shown that the influence of flexibility options on any point in the network can be represented in a linearized form. This makes it possible for a smart market platform to technically evaluate the effect of different flexibility options on a potential congestion without the network topology on the platform and to avoid performing continuous load flow calculations. The error resulting from the linearization is tolerable in the example shown. In order to assess further error causes such as the scenario selection, however, the approach still needs to be evaluated in other network areas. The methodology described can be used to solve both current and voltage problems. Possible solutions are primarily the use of active power. As a further research requirement, the application of the described methodology can be tested for voltage problems by adapting the reactive power behavior. The differentiation of the methodology to existing linearization methods, such as the PTDF method, also represents a further area of research.

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