Life Cycle Analysis of Battery and Fuel Cell Vehicles

Veröffentlicht am 08.10.2009

(Veröffentlichung von Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Wagner, Michael Beer, Jochen Habermann in: Risø International Energy Conference 2009, Technical University of Denmark, 14.-16. September 2009)



This paper shows a life cycle analysis of different potential fuels and powertrains for passenger cars. The focus of the study lies on electric vehicles powered by batteries and fuel cells. At first the cumulative energy demand (CED) is introduced as an instrument to compare the different technologies. Subsequently several process chains for transportation are shown in a holistic approach. Finally a sensitivity analysis is used to determine the energetic break-even points for hydrogen and electric powertrains. The results are taken from several reports for the Bavarian Hydrogen Initiative (wiba), which is coordinated by the authors.


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Ansprechpartner: Dipl.-Ing. Michael Beer, Dipl.-Volksw. Jochen Habermann

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