Harmonization and development of methods for a spatial and temporal resolution of energy demands (DemandRegio)


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Projekt Goals

Goal of the project is the development of a harmonized and transparent approach to regionalize the electricity and gas demand with high temporal resolution. Based on available energy statistics energy demand parameters and scaling factors will be developed for regionalization (top down) and the generation (bottom up) of representative load profiles. Furthermore future trends of these parameters and load profiles will be analyzed taking into account demography effects and changes in behavior. The results will be implemented in a data base with an interface to the OpenEnergy Platform  public use. The project contributes to harmonize model input data and to reduce data uncertainties.


Work Plan

The project coordinated by Forschungszentrum Jülich is divided in to five parts: Work package 1 (FfE München) involves regionalization methods and work package 2 (TU Berlin) focuses on generating load profiles. Work package 3 (TU Berlin) combines the temporal and regional approaches. In work package 4 (FZ Jülich) future trends of energy demand parameters and load profiles will be analyzed. In work package 5 (FfE München) a data base will be developed which includes the results of the regionalization and temporal resolution analysis. An interface to the OpenEnergy Platform will enable public use of data.