12th IAEE European Energy Conference

12th IAEE European Energy Conference "Energy challenge and environmental sustainability", Sept 09th-12th, 2012 in Venice


Development and Assessment of Different Algorithms for Dispatching a Virtual Power Plant

Presenter(s): Michael Steck


Linking distributed energy resources is estimated as an important step towards the future energy supply system. In a first approach this so called virtual power plant (VPP) can be dispatched in the same way like today’s conventional power plants. A closer look reveals that the commonly used methods based on Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) do not meet the special needs of a VPP. The mathematical problem differs from that of a conventional dispatch by the high number of individual devices, which are characterized through similar or identical technical and economic parameters. Furthermore, the local thermal load of the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) devices must be considered.

This paper deals with the development and assessment of different algorithms for day-ahead and intraday dispatching, which fulfil the requirement of a virtual power plant, consisting of individual CHP devices. This study is undertaken in the research project “Pooling of distributed energy resources”, which is subsidized by the Federal Ministry for Economy and Technology and supported by two German utilities “Stadtwerke München” and “EWE”.



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