Battery Test Facility

The Research Center for Energy Economics has three computer-controlled battery test facilities available. If required, the test facility 1 (up to 300 VDC) and 2 (up to 240 VDC) can be interconnected. They can each charge and discharge at 300 A. All the required parameters for further analysis can be gathered by measurements and saved. A CAN-BUS interface is available for the optional communication with a battery management system (BMS).

Since 2010, the FfE has another state-of-the-art test facility with a power of 150 kW for voltages up to 800 VDC available. It is capable of charging and discharging at up to 500 A. On the one hand, the structure of the test facility allows implementing classical operational modes, which are regulated by, for example, electric current, voltage or electrical resistance. On the other hand, other test runs are possible, such as complex simulations run in a MATLAB-/Simulink environment.

Apart from all battery types, the test facilities can also measure various other energy storages such as SuperCaps. The test facilities are supplemented with a climatic chamber, which allows measuring test objects at temperatures from -25 °C to +60 °C. The safety devices installed at the test facilities can be customized or upgraded according to specific requirements.


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