Intelligent heating concept for Munich

Short description

The municipal energy supplier of munich (SWM) in cooperation with the research center for energy economics (FfE) develop an intelligent heating system using power-to-heat technologies in an innovative way. This research work is embedded in the C/sells project which is part of the SINTEG program from the federal ministry of economy and energy of Germany.

On the one hand the project includes the equipment of 1.000 electrical storage heating systems, heat pumps, combined heat and power plants or district heating delivery stations with control technique.

On the other hand the integration in the existing virtual power plant of the SWM and the implementation of innovative operation modes are part of this project. The research center for energy economics will provide scientific support for this demonstration project.

Project Goals

  • Demonstration of the load-shift-potential of power-to-heat technologies with 1000 units
  • Integration via intelligent, cost-effective and mass-capable measuring and control systems
  • Recommendations for an intelligent heating concept for Munich


intelligent heating concept for munich in the virtual power plant


The project uses intelligent measuring systems from SWM, which have to be enhanced with control functionalities. The control commands are transmitted to the connected generation and consumption units. The planned studies identify existing organizational and technical challenges and thereby create valuable fundamentals for new business models.

Research questions

  • What potential for load shifting do power-to-heat systems offer?
  • To what extent can electricity demand be synchronised with the supply of volatile renewable energies?
  • What is the value of flexibility of power-to-heat systems in different electricity markets?
  • What effects can the widespread use of power-to-heat systems have on the electricity market?

Funding and project partners

The contents described here are being analyzed in the project C/sells by the municipal energy supplier of munich and the research center for energy economics. C/sells is part of the funding programme "Smart Energy Showcases – Digital Agenda for the Energy Transition" (SINTEG) of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (funding code: 03SIN121).



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