How much physical grid infrastructure does the secure supply of energy require?

The transformation of the energy system from large, often fossil-fueled power plants to a decentralized energy future characterized by renewables is a technical challenge. It requires the integration of millions of renewable generation plants, as well as new consumers in the electricity sector through the electrification of the mobility and heating sectors. Compared to the original design, the power grids face a comprehensive restructuring at all voltage levels to cope with the new generation and consumption landscape.

Specifically, we consider the following questions:

  • How will electricity get to the consumer?
  • How will RE be distributed within Europe?
  • Flexibility vs. grid expansion?
  • Do we need to improve interconnections across Europe?
  • How much power generation from renewables can the grids handle?
  • Reactive power?
  • Grids as a market facilitator or gatekeeper?
  • How much grid expansion do we need?
  • What role do HVDCs play in a renewable energy system?
  • What kind of grid expansion does the expansion of RE entail?
  • What role do smart resources like rONT, longitudinal controllers & Co. play in optimizing distribution grids?
  • Do we need to expand the power grids to the last kWh?

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