Hydrogen & SynFuels

Where and to what extent are hydrogen and its downstream products needed?

Hydrogen and other synthetic fuels are currently used mainly in the industrial sector. In the future, an increase in demand is likely in other sectors as well to achieve CO2 reductions, especially in sectors and applications that are difficult to decarbonize. In addition to industry, high hydrogen demand is also expected in the transportation sector in the future. For example, there are hardly any alternatives for international aviation and shipping due to the high energy densities required. In addition, there is potential for the use of hydrogen to cover residual peak loads in the energy system. The possible applications in these and other areas are being investigated in more detail by the FfE.

Specifically, we look at the following questions:

  • In which sectors and applications are hydrogen already used?
  • How much hydrogen will we need in the future?
  • Which factors influence the suitability of hydrogen as an energy carrier for certain applications?
  • How much hydrogen is required in the final energy sectors?
  • In which processes can hydrogen contribute to the energy transition, and in which not?

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