What new business models and partnerships are emerging?

Sector coupling, in particular, is creating new partnerships, for instance between mobility, heat, and electricity. These sectors are united not only by the will to succeed in the energy transition, but also more directly connected by digital interfaces and standards. However, many of these have yet to be created. This opens new, innovative, and scalable business models with new partners and business areas. In the future, for example, detailed verification of greenhouse gas emissions will become more critical for industry or transport, electric vehicles or heat generators will be integrated into the market, and flexibility will be needed across sectors for the energy transition. Industries with different interests and goals must also work together in the process. Their cooperation must be coordinated and moderated in order to achieve common goals by consensus.

Specifically, we look at the following questions:

  • How are digital platforms and ecosystems changing energy industry value creation?
  • How is value creation changing as a result of digital platforms?
  • Which business models are made possible by digitalization?
  • For whom is digitalization an opportunity, for whom a risk?

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