Energy Markets

What financial opportunities will future energy markets offer?

Evaluating the future economic viability of various assets in the energy markets is of great importance. New assets such as electrolyzers and large-scale battery storage systems will only become established in the energy system of the future if they can be operated profitably. Therefore, to answer the question of what an actor can earn in the future, price forecasts of the relevant energy carriers, assumptions on the future market design, and modeling of the assets are needed. Realistic deployment simulations can thus be used to make assessments of future profitability and support investment decisions.

Specifically, we look at the following questions:

  • What will the merit order of the future look like?
  • Can renewable energies be operated profitably in the future?
  • What can be earned on the electricity markets with flexibility?
  • What do optimal bidding strategies look like?
  • Are conventional power plants still economical?
  • What business models do energy markets offer today and in the future?

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