Hydrogen & SynFuels

How will hydrogen be transported and stored in the future?

Hydrogen often cannot be produced economically where it is needed and must therefore be sourced elsewhere and transported. There is currently no nationwide pipeline-based hydrogen infrastructure, unlike for electricity and natural gas. Distribution can take place via various transport media. These include transport by truck, ship, or pipeline and distribution via the power grid. Natural gas network operators are also already looking into constructing and converting hydrogen pipelines. In addition to economic issues, the chemical properties of hydrogen and other synthetic fuels also influence the choice of a suitable transport medium. To develop adequate standards for this, the German government is promoting research in this area, in which the FfE is involved.

Specifically, we consider the following questions:

  • What are the possibilities for transporting hydrogen?
  • What costs are associated with the transport of hydrogen for each transport medium?
  • What requirements does the future demand for hydrogen place on existing infrastructure?
  • To what extent is the construction of a new infrastructure necessary?
  • What is the potential for hydrogen storage, and what are the costs?

Below you will find our news, publications, and projects on the topic

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