How can industrial flexibility enable a more resilient energy system?

In the course of the transformation to a renewable energy landscape, the daily and seasonal fluctuations in power generation are increasing more and more. In order to respond to this and thus relieve the burden on the power grid, the availability of flexibility is considered a central component in the energy system of the future. With around half of Germany’s total electricity consumption, industry plays an important role. Against this background, it is becoming increasingly necessary to aggregate flexibility from production processes and technologies and thus enable interaction with the energy system. In this context, FfE deals with the determination of potentials and develops solutions to create the technical and organizational prerequisites for this.

Specifically, we look at the following questions:

  • How large is the flexibility potential of the German industry?
  • Which processes and plants can be used for load management in the industry?
  • What is the potential for reducing the load on the German power grid by making production processes and technologies more flexible?
  • What role do aggregators play in the development and marketing of industrial flexibility?

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