How can companies determine and mitigate the environmental impact of their activities along the entire value chain?

Emissions to air, water consumption, land-use change, alteration of biodiversity, consumption of natural resources – companies cause various environmental impacts. Accounting for these environmental impacts starts with the direct effects at the site. But the environment can also be impacted in the upstream and downstream value chain through the manufacture, transport, use, or disposal of products. The life cycle assessment method is used to balance the environmental impacts over the entire life cycle. This allows companies to quantify the ecological effects and use the results for environmental reporting, eco-design, process optimization, or green investments.

In particular, we consider the following questions:

  • How can a company create a product life cycle assessment for its products?
  • How can my company become more resource-efficient?
  • How can material efficiency projects in companies be evaluated based on their GHG emissions?

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