How are innovative technologies like AI and blockchain changing the energy industry?

Digitalization and the possibility of using innovative digital technologies in the energy industry create opportunities and risks. Companies and regulators must proactively monitor innovative technologies and decide whether and when technologies such as blockchain or AI are indispensable. Sufficient knowledge must be available for this, and both the energy system and involved companies must be ready and willing to change. If opportunities and risks can be identified at an early stage, then these technologies will enable new business areas, increase efficiency, and create new opportunities for value creation, new forms of interaction, or solutions for today’s challenges.

Specifically, we look at the following questions:

  • How can AI help to better plan charging infrastructure?
  • What forms of machine learning and artificial intelligence exist?
  • How can SSI improve digital processes?
  • What is the role of zero-knowledge proofs in data protection?
  • What are the potential applications for blockchain technology?
  • How can blockchain help energy companies?
  • How can AI improve classical simulation models?
  • How can AI be used in the energy industry?
  • How can smart meters be connected to the blockchain?

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