Testing of the asset logging platform for bidirectional charging processes

In the project InDEED, a platform solution was developed that enables the tamper-resistant collection and storage of measurement data and potentially other information. These can be used for the implementation of various use cases and services and thus provide additional added value for customers. For practical testing in the field, the coupling between the data collected during bidirectional charging processes in the wallbox and the described platform was implemented and tested in cooperation with the project BDL.

Implementation and results

During the field test in the project BDL, about 20 electric vehicles with the capability for bidirectional charging were tested in practical applications. A large amount of data is recorded at the charging station, the tamper-proof storage of which forms an important basis for various additional applications and services. In particular, the energy charged and discharged as well as the corresponding power, each in high temporal resolution, are recorded for this purpose both on the grid and on the vehicle side. To ensure data security and data protection, a hash of these values is transmitted to the asset logging platform once a day for notarization. This allows the stored data to be verified afterwards.

The implemented process was successfully field tested over 7 months. No problems were encountered either on the data acquisition side or during further processing and notarization. The developed platform can therefore be considered a sufficiently robust solution for use beyond the research context.


The data collected and stored in a tamper-resistant manner forms the basis for implementing various use cases relating to electric vehicles. For example, extended warranties can be offered for the vehicle battery, which not only refer to the age and the total mileage, as has usually been the case up to now, but also, for example, the charged and discharged energy, if this data is reliably available. These data, which are transparent for both parties, are also helpful additional information for a potential resale of the vehicle or vehicle battery. In addition, similar offers are also possible for the charging station, so that, for example, a minimum efficiency can be guaranteed and proven accordingly.