Successful Design of the Heating Transformation- Keynote Speech for the Strategy Workshop of the Administration Board of Stadtwerke Landsberg

In the climate protection debate, the relevance of the heat supply for achieving the climate targets is being emphasized more and more. In addition to national legislation, it is essential to set local boundary conditions for projects, e.g., through municipal heat planning or the establishment of technology priority areas.

The Landsberg am Lech municipal utility wants to provide support to the citizens of the town in order to use a sustainable heat supply. This is also a consequence of the emission reduction targets adopted by Landsberg.

As an impulse for the strategy workshop of Stadtwerke Landsberg am Lech, Britta Kleinertz presented the experiences of the FfE in developing a heating strategy. She showed that quick and structured action is required to reach the heating transformation as cost-effectively as possible. The keynote was followed by an exciting discussion on how this heating transformation and the previously necessary preparation of a strategy in Landsberg can be achieved.

Figure: Simplified procedure for creating a heating transformation strategy