Position Paper on the Provision of Ancillary Services from Electric Vehicles with Bidirectional Charging Management

As part of the project “Bidirectional Charging Management” (BCM), BMW, Bayernwerk, KEO, KOSTAL, LVN, PPC, Solarwatt, TenneT, TransnetBW, and the FfE composed a position paper on the provision of ancillary services from bidirectional electric vehicles. The considered vehicle-to-grid (V2G) use cases include the provision of primary control power, redispatch, and local grid services.

The position paper addresses necessary regulatory changes to enable V2G use cases focusing on ancillary services. The project partners identified the following topics related to bidirectional electric vehicles and discussed respective regulatory challenges, as well as possible solutions:

  • Regulatory framework for the provision of ancillary services
    • Primary frequency control
    • Redispatch
    • Local grid services
  • Taxes, levies, and charges as well as grid fees for the provision of ancillary services
  • Control, communication, and metering for the provision of ancillary services