Impulse Speech in the Tiefstack Participation Process – Action Plan for Successful District Heating Transformation (study “Green District Heating”)

The coal phase-out at the Tiefstack power plant is to be completed by 2030 at the latest. However, Tiefstack currently provides a large share of the district heating in Hamburg. In the ongoing Tiefstack participation process, possible options for replacing the heat from the coal-fired power plant are discussed. This process was part of an agreement between the Hamburg Senate and the civil society campaign ” Tschüss Kohle” (engl: “Bye bye coal”).

As one of three guest speakers at the fifth workshop of the participation process, Britta Kleinertz presented the most important findings from the study “Green District Heating” as well as key experiences from the project “Climate Neutral Heat Munich”, the “District Heating Competence Network” and the research project “Future Strategy District Heating”, which were then discussed with the panel members. Among other things, the differentiated analysis of transformation measures developed by the FfE (see Figure 1) was explained.

Figure 1: Differentiated visualization of the priorization of transformative measures

Furthermore, all of the guest speakers participated in further discussions during the five-hour workshop.

We hope that this has helped support the search for solutions in the Tiefstack process and wish the members of the participation committee every success in choosing suitable solutions.