Hydrogen Projects in the Living Labs of the Energy Transition

In the transfer research project Trans4ReaL, FfE investigates what future business models in the context of hydrogen might look like. In so-called use case workshops, FfE talked to companies from the living labs about their planned implementation projects and captured important discussion points, as well as current topics and implementation barriers. The resulting use case profiles uniformly present the living labs’ projects along the value chain and place them in a larger context.

The best-attended workshops covered the topics of hydrogen production and the industrial application of hydrogen. In particular, recent developments such as the EU Commission’s draft of the Delegated Act of May 2022 were discussed. A recurring concern of the companies is the high costs associated with the conversion to hydrogen. Unanimous appeal to the politicians from all meetings: We need clear political and regulatory guidelines for our further work!

A summary of the methodological approach as well as an overview of all use case profiles and the corresponding workshop results are available for download at the end of this article (only available in German). The work presented is the research subject of the Trans4ReaL project (funding code: 003EWT001A). The findings from the transfer research will be published at regular intervals in the form of action statements, with the first set due at the end of the first quarter of 2023.

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