Sustainable Guarantees of Origin

The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, which is necessary for climate protection, represents one of the largest transformation processes of the economy and society in the coming decades. A central building block for this transformation process is knowledge about the origin of electricity and the associated greenhouse gas emissions. Electricity labelling is therefore becoming increasingly important for both private households and companies.

Today, guarantees of origin (GOs) are used for electricity labelling. GOs form the basis for numerous areas of application. These include green electricity tariffs, the classification of green hydrogen and the determination of greenhouse gas emissions of companies. In order to meet the requirements of these different areas of application, a revision of the current system is necessary.

The discussion paper „Zukunftsfähige Herkunftsnachweise – Roadmap zur Weiterentwicklung“ presents the current status quo and the growing demands on the German GO system. The study „Zukunftsfähige Herkunftsnachweise – Konzept für die Ende-zu-Ende-Digitalisierung“ presents the solution from the InDEED project (FKZ: 03EI6026A and 03EI6026B), which is intended to enable the uncomplicated identification of the origin of electricity from small plants to end consumers. The solution shows what can be realised with intelligent end-to-end digitisation, opens up completely new possibilities for interaction and paves the way for new business models and products – far beyond electricity labelling.

The document “Zukunftsfähige Herkunftsnachweise – Kurzfassung” provides an overview of the central statements of the two studies mentioned above.

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