Digitaler Netzanschluss – Schnittstelle zwischen Gebäude und Stromnetz neu gedacht

In the course of electrification, a large number of additional electrical consumers and generators will be added in the future – especially at the lowest grid level in households in the form of electric vehicles and heat pumps. In order to cope with their integration into the energy system, it is already necessary to develop and test possible concepts and to adapt framework conditions.

A suitable concept is the digital grid connection presented in the article. This forms the interface between the grid operator and an energy management system of a building or property. This makes it possible, on the one hand, to reduce the complexity for the grid operator, since an aggregating element can be addressed instead of controlling individual systems. On the other hand, the energy management system can orchestrate the connected plants in such a way that both the concerns of the grid operator and those of the customers, such as heating or mobility needs, are taken into account.

In addition to the DiNA concept, the article shows which upgrades are needed for a future-proof energy infrastructure, what role participatory grid management plays in this, and takes up the findings obtained in the field test of the C/sells project.


Further Information:

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