C/sells: Decentralized Flexibility in Real Operation – Results around the Altdorf Flex Market

The transformation of the energy system as part of the energy transition entails technical and organizational changes at all levels and among all actors. In order to make the best possible use of the potentials, both of the infrastructure and the actors, cellular thinking and action were pursued in the SINTEG project C/sells and tested in demonstration cells.

FfE’s activities in the project focused, among other things, on identifying potential and developing methods for tapping into and coordinating the use of decentralized plants. In the course of the project, topics related to the use of the infrastructure of smart metering systems for the digital connection of plants, as well as the use of decentralized plants for the integration of renewable energies into the distribution grid, could be dealt with. Furthermore, the testing of methods and concepts and their suitability for large-scale implementation were relevant issues in the project.

Main topics, which were in the focus of the scientific activities of the Research Center for Energy Economics in the project C/sells

The core results have now been summarized in a short report and expanded to include derived recommendations. The report contains key statements and options for action in the following areas:

  • Regulation and environment
  • Flexibility potential of small plants
  • Need for grid-serving flexibility in the distribution grid
  • Market and coordination platform for decentralized flexibility
  • Participatory aspects in the testing and demonstration of innovations in the energy system
  • Smart metering systems as a central element of demonstration
  • An evaluative look at flexibility platforms from a system analysis perspective
  • Real laboratories for the design of model solutions for a sustainable energy system

Please refer to the detailed final report for a deeper look into the FfE activities in the C/sells project.