Article Series – Hydrogen: How is Hydrogen Produced?

Since the publication of the National Hydrogen Strategy, the news that hydrogen is a hot topic has also reached the general public. The FfE is ahead of the curve, and has already been conducting research into the contribution of hydrogen to the future energy system. Current projects focus on the sustainable production, transport and use of hydrogen as well as on overarching issues of market development and business models. This article is the second in a series of six articles that will be published successively in the coming weeks. In this series of articles, we will provide compact, easily understandable overviews of the most important aspects of hydrogen in the energy system.

Overview of the topics in the series of articles on hydrogen

  1. History of hydrogen as an energy carrier
  2. How is hydrogen produced?
  3. Where will hydrogen be used?
  4. How is hydrogen transported?
  5. What contribution can hydrogen make to the energy transition?
  6. Overview of current hydrogen projects