Use Case Methodology – A Guide for Successful Demonstration

To support the use case development, the FfE publishes a practical application guide.

The C/sells project is heading with major steps towards its completion. Many partners have virtually completed the design of their activities and are currently implementing the concepts. What makes C/sells so exciting is the diversity of the players with very different plans and use cases, but all working together on an intelligent energy supply using new, digital possibilities.

It was and still is essential for the common objective to leverage synergies: Only efficient and distinct cooperation between the many partners leads to better use of resources. By presenting a wide variety of aspects uniformly, we can better recognize synergy effects. Furthermore, standardized processes and scalable sample solutions guarantee the success of C/sells beyond the project duration.

This is precisely where the use case methodology comes into play: It guides how to structure collaboration and what aspects to pay attention to during design and implementation. The methodology itself has been established several decades ago and is constantly being refined. It represents the industry-standard in the smart grid context.

With the experience from the field test in Altdorf and numerous expert discussions, the FfE created a "recipe" for the application of the use case methodology and shows which approaches are suitable. One example is the e³-value model, which is shown in Figure 1.


Simplified e3 value model for the use case vegan bakery

Figure 1: Simplified e³-value model for the Use Case “Vegan Bakery“


The recipe suggests how to approach the issue. The models presented here had served well in the development of the flexibility platform. However, there are many other models and concepts for the individual building blocks that can also be purposeful.

After a revision of the cooking recipe, it is now available under the title:  "Application Guide Use Case Methodology". It is intended to make the Use Case Methodology more tangible for current and future projects.

You can find the recipe (already presented at the Science Lab in Berlin) and the "Application Guide Use Case Methodology" in the download area.


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