07.2023 - 12.2023

Innovation Workshops in Energy Data Management: Trends and Developments in the Energy Industry

FfE project with Bayernwerk Netz GmbH

In the project “Potential business models in the field of energy data management”, FfE conducted interactive innovation workshops on behalf of Bayernwerk Netz GmbH (https://www.bayernwerk-netz.de). Participants from various areas of Bayernwerk developed and designed potential business models in energy data management as part of two workshops. The aim was to identify potential business areas based on the collection, analysis, and processing of data in the context of the distribution grid in order to create added value for a wide range of stakeholders.


The project consisted of two workshops. In the first workshop, following an impulse from FfE on data-driven trends relating to AI, grids, metering, energy trading, sustainability, industry, and municipalities, the participants developed their own ideas. After prioritization, small groups developed the use cases and presented them at the end of the workshop.

In a follow-up workshop, the three prioritized use cases were first concretized and the respective “Minimum Viable Product” (MVP) was developed. By developing e3 value models, the respective environment and the interfaces to other players were analyzed. Participants then designed the business models using the business model canvas.

The joint development of a “Value Delivery Architecture Model” enabled the identification of dependencies and interfaces between the three business models as well as already established implementation capabilities within Bayernwerk. In the final step, project outlines were drawn to ensure a clear roadmap and set responsibilities for the further design of the business models.


The workshops resulted in three potential business models for Bayernwerk. The business models developed can be implemented independently of each other as they address different customer segments. It was recognized that Bayernwerk Netz has already a good knowledge base and skills to implement the business models. In addition to the digitalization of the distribution grid, the implementation of the innovative business models can enable different customer groups of Bayernwerk to drive forward the energy transition.