05.2022 - 11.2022

Energy Economy in the Context of Electromobility

FfE Project with Volkswagen Group Innovation

In the energy economy, the supply of electricity generally falls within the remit of an energy supplier. The remit of OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) primarily includes the production of vehicles. However, the increasing integration of electric vehicles leads to a closer coupling between energy industry and automotive manufacturers. Meanwhile, various OEMs offer their own electricity tariffs and thus operate also as electricity suppliers. In the future, electric vehicles are to be charged intelligently so that they can be integrated into the energy system in a grid- or system-serving way. It is also expected that this will generate additional revenue and lower charging costs. Different charging strategies can be distinguished, which the FfE has categorized as use-cases in research projects like BDL and unit-e². The FfE was commissioned by Volkswagen Group Innovation within the framework of this project to analyze and prepare the use cases with regard to functionality, regulation, roles and revenues.

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