02.2021 - 09.2023

Decarbonization Network – dekarbN

Companies are faced with significant challenges in the course of the energy transition, but an increasing number are beginning to recogize the potential opportunities as well. This includes both the reduction of COand other climate-relevant emissions and increasing the flexibility of energy consumption. Especially in energy-intensive companies, investment decisions have a long-term effect. Therefore, they need a future-oriented energy strategy (decarbonization strategy) to master the challenges ahead.

With the “Decarbonization Network” (dekarbN), the scientists and project engineers of the FfE support companies with the conception of a realistic and hence implementable decarbonization strategy.

Based on the very successful energy efficiency networks, the company network is based on a proven and successful process (see structure in Figure 1). The focus is on knowledge transfer and exchange between the actors. The employees of the FfE are competent partners in this process due to their far-reaching competencies in different areas of the energy industry. Thus, both theoretical and practical preliminary work has already been done, for example in the areas of decarbonization strategies, energy efficiency improvement, life cycle assessment, employee motivation as well as energy and CO2 markets.

A more detailed description of the idea, process, and network contents can be found in the short introduction in the download section.

Figure 1: Sketch of the dekarbN process

11 companies have joined forces to form the first dekarbN network:

  • Altana AG
  • BMW Group
  • Canon Production Printing
  • Clariant AG
  • W. L. Gore & Associates GmbH
  • HAWE Hydraulik SE
  • MAN Truck & Bus SE
  • MTU Aero Engines AG
  • Papierfabrik Palm & Co. KG
  • Rosenthal GmbH

In the first year of the network, participants met digitally and in a hybrid format for workshops focused on decarbonization target setting, emissions accounting, and multi-criteria measure assessment.

Teilnehmende Unternehmen im ersten dekarbN-Netzwerk

While the journey of the current participants will continue in February 2022, FfE is currently looking for the next cadre of future decarbonization experts for a second dekarbN network.

Are you interested in gaining professional expertise to shape your decarbonization strategy and exchange ideas on this topic with other entrepreneurial stakeholders in a protected communication circle?

Then please contact us and join dekarbN!