06.2020 - 12.2022

BEEN-i 2.0 – The Successful Support of Energy Efficiency Networks in Bavaria is Continued

Within the framework of the Bavarian Energy Efficiency Network Initiative (BEEN-i), Bavarian companies and network operators are supported in implementing the voluntary commitment to form and run energy efficiency networks. This is intended to continue to secure the top position of the state of Bavaria with regard to energy efficiency networks of German companies and, at the same time, achieve high-efficiency increases in the Bavarian economy.

Photo: Kick-off of BEENi 2.0 (Bavarian Energy Efficiency Network Initiative)

In the course of the BEEN-i 2.0 project, in addition to two major annual events, ten network events will be held to accompany the initiation and continuation of networks for various industries. According to current planning, this includes networks for drinking water suppliers, clinics, mechanical and plant engineering, chemicals and plastics, public utilities, food and packaging, food (breweries and dairies), pools, gastronomy, and the hotel industry. Furthermore, there will be an annual exchange of experience for the Bavarian network executing agencies, energy technology consultants, and facilitators. Here, FfE contributes the experience gained from the nationwide event, which FfE co-organizes as a member of the AGEEN board.

FfE will provide organizational and technical support for the BEEN-i 2.0 initiative.