Three Awards for FfE-Networks and Participants at the Annual AGEEN Meeting

The FfE and a network partner received three awards at this year’s meeting of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Energieeffizenz-Netzwerke Deutschland e.V. At the event, which took place in the facilities of the energy depart of Frankfurt’s city government, two FfE-led networks received the AGEEN seal of quality. In addition, Canon Production Printing GmbH & Co. KG, a long-term participant in four different FfE-led networks, was recognized with the AGEEN Good-Practice certificate for companies.

Energy-Efficiency Network 4E2

The first FfE-Network to receive the AGEEN Seal of Quality was the second edition of the Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency Network (4E2, from the German Erneuerbare Energien- und Energieeffizienznetzwerk). After the successful completion of the initial three-year network phase and the exceeding of the defined goals for energy- and emissions-savings, the participating companies elected to continue their cooperation in a second network phase. An additional goal set within the network is simultaneously a unique hallmark of the 4E2-Network: the explicit expansion of renewable generation capacity. In the first phase, the participating companies increased their renewable generation by a combined 3.300 MWh/a and have increased their target to an additional 3,550 MWh/a for the second phase.

Figure 1: Leona Freiberger receives the AGEEN Seal of Quality for the 4E2-Network from Dr. Eberhard von Rottenburg of the Federation of German Industries

Climate Protection Network dekarbN

In addition to energy efficiency networks such as the 4E2-Network, the AGEEN also recognizes climate protection networks. The FfE’s climate protection network dekarbN was awarded the AGEEN Seal of Quality for climate protection networks. The goal of dekarbN is promoting capacity building for the knowledge and methods companies need to develop decarbonization strategies, monitor their emissions, and report their progress. The exchange of experiences and ideas between the 11 participating companies is supplemented by expert knowledge from FfE researchers and external guest speakers. The diversity of the participating companies, both across branches of industry and from small firms to global corporations, ensures a broad range perspectives and potential solutions are represented.

Figure 2: Network-Manager Ryan Harper receives the AGEEN Seal of Quality for the FfE’s climate protection network dekarbN from Dr. Eberhard von Rottenburg of the Federation of German Industries

Good-Practice Certified: Canon Production Printing

A familiar face in FfE-Networks rounded out the awards ceremony. The FfE is thrilled to congratulate our long-term partner Canon Production Printing GmbH & Co. KG on receiving the AGEEN Good‑Practice Certificate, which recognizes companies particularly committed to both network participation and efforts to reduce their energy consumption and emissions. While participating in four different FfE Networks over the past 11 years and counting, Canon has successfully halved the specific energy consumption at their production facility in Poing. In addition, a series of measures including the expansion of PV generation and use of geothermal energy have made the facility nearly climate neutral in scopes 1 & 2 of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

Figure 3: Managing Director Dr.-Ing. Anna Gruber of the FfE steps in to receive the AGEEN Good-Practice Certificate for the long-term network partner Canon Production Printing from Dr. Eberhard von Rottenburg of the Federation of German Industries

AGEEN Event for the Exchange of Experiences

Following the awards ceremony on Wednesday evening, three representatives of the FfE participated in the networking event organized by the AGEEN on Thursday. This event brings together organizers, moderators, and participants from energy efficiency, climate protection, and municipal networks for a day devoted to the exchange of ideas concerning the structuring and management of such networks and current topics within the individual networks. Short workshops on topics such as Scope 3 emissions, short-term measures for the energy crisis, and the management of municipal climate protection networks provided space for participants to exchange their experiences and tips.

Abbildung 8: Participants at the AGEEN Event for the exchange of experiences in Frankfurt