dekarbN – the newest network of the FfE is ready for launch!

The newest network of the FfE GmbH is ready for launch! After years of success supporting companies in their efforts to increase energy efficiency as the moderator of Energy Efficiency Networks, the network “dekarbN” will help companies develop a long-term strategy for decarbonization.

Long investment cycles and the need to maintain efficient production processes make the decarbonization of the industrial sector particularly tricky. Successfully meeting targets for emissions reductions in the sector as a whole requires each firm to have a detailed plan for their individual transformation. Developing such a forward-looking decarbonization strategy can seem an overwhelming task, but the expertise of the FfE can help make the journey smoother.

Adopting the proven structure of the Energy Efficiency Networks, dekarbN will connect nine companies with one another to take advantage of the time- and money-saving benefits of cooperation. Over three years, the FfE will lead a series of workshops featuring methods and measures key to developing a decarbonization strategy. These workshops facilitate the transfer of the FfE’s cutting-edge research into practical application and allow the participating firms to compare experiences and swap solutions to accelerate the development of their decarbonization strategies. The goal for the conclusion of the network’s workshop series is a company-specific decarbonization strategy for each participant, which can be clearly communicated to internal and external stakeholders, as well as an expanded mental toolkit for addressing technical and organizational hurdles to its implementation.

dekarbN will launch in February with a digital Kick-Off event bringing together the 11 participating companies and the facilitators from the FfE for the first time. The first content-based workshop will follow in April. Keep your eyes out for regular updates on our website.