Helmut Schaefer Prize 2022 – application phase begins

To honor excellent energy economics and technology students and to celebrate the lifetime achievement of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Helmut Schaefer, the head of the FfE for many years, the Helmut Schaefer Prize for outstanding Master’s theses will be awarded for the fourth time on 23 September 2022.

The deadline for applications is 31 August 2022.

Based on the exposés submitted by all participants, three finalists will be selected in advance, each in the “External” and “Internal” categories, who will be allowed to present their work to an expert audience at the FfE in Munich on 23 September. The presentations will be reviewed by jury members Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Wagner, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Mauch and Dr.-Ing. Serafin von Roon. They will be included in the evaluation together with the submitted exposé. In addition to a high scientific reputation, there is a prize of €500 for the best paper.

A prerequisite for the application is a graded certificate for the Master’s thesis that is not older than 15 months. For the first round of applications, a one-page synopsis of the thesis and a curriculum vitae are requested by the deadline of 31 August 2022. The extended version of the thesis is then required for the final selection.

Prerequisite for application for the Helmut Schaefer Prize:

  • One-page synopsis of the thesis & current curriculum vitae (PDF, siehe Abstract Template).
  • Extended version of the thesis (PDF/Word)
  • Grade certificate of the Master’s thesis and of the study program (not older than 15 months)

Please send your documents to hsp@ffe.de with the subject “Helmut-Schaefer-Preis 2022″.

The Winners of the Helmut Schaefer Prize 2021

Übergabe der Urkunde für den Helmut-Schaefer-Preis an Katharina Gruber
Katharina Gruber erhält den Helmut-Schaefer-Preis 2021
Katharina Gruber und Christoph Zink werden mit den Helmut-Schaefer-Preis 2021 ausgezeichnet!