The FfE Assesses the CO2 and Energy Balance of the Stadtwerke Rosenheim for their Energy Concept

The FfE Munich assessed the CO2 and energy balancing of Stadtwerke Rosenheim to evaluate climate protection measures and judged that the balancing follows scientifically sound approaches and delivers consistent results.

The input data used for the electricity market model of Stadtwerke Rosenheim (SWRO) were compared with the FfE data and validated in an iterative process in the form of scenario calculations. The modeled electricity prices show plausible characteristics in the reference scenario. Differences compared to other methodological approaches result from deviating assumptions of techno-economic parameters.

CO2 balancing with tight model boundaries in a highly interconnected energy system is challenging. All available modeling approaches have both strengths and weaknesses. In the tension between scientific accuracy and model complexity limits, the SWRO approach can be judged as a coherent approach. Measures in the area of CHP can be assessed in terms of system dynamics. Other measures, such as the addition of renewable energy plants, are embedded in the overall system and not directly accounted for in Rosenheim. This leads to a realistic and appropriate representation of Rosenheim’s CO2 balance.