4E Network Exceeds Savings Targets

On 12.05.2021, the last workshop within the 4E network (Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency Network) took place. Part of the workshop was the evaluation of the network work with regard to the achieved goals, which were set at the beginning of the network. A special feature of the 4E network is that, in addition to energy and CO2 savings targets, expansion targets for renewable energies were also set. All targets were achieved and even exceeded within the three years of network operation.

The 4E network was established in 2018 with a total of 16 participants. BayWa r.e. and Bayerngas Energie assumed the function of network executing agency with the FfE as moderator and energy technology advisor for the participants. The goal was to save 4.8 % of the primary energy as well as the CO2 emissions caused compared to the base year 2017 in each case. In addition, an expansion target for renewable energies of 2,000 MWh/a was set.

After the three years of network work, the network participants have now jointly achieved an energy efficiency increase of 5.2 % as well as a CO2 reduction of 5.3%. In addition, the expansion target for renewables of 3,300 MWh/a has been significantly exceeded.

A total of 248,600 MWh/a of primary energy was saved over the course of the network. This corresponds to about 300 flights (a total of about 86,000 air travelers) from Frankfurt to New York.

Due to the very positive experience, the network is to be continued in the fall. New and interested participants are welcome to contact us.

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