Mentoring Program

Our mentoring program is characterized by a special idea: students help other students. After all, they know best what challenges await newcomers in their first days at work and in the further course of their time at the FfE. Especially in the first few days of work, it is important to quickly find your way around the research center and get off to a good start. The mentors of the program support the new students with their introduction to the FfE and are available to answer questions about everyday working life and organizational procedures. This enables the newcomers to take their first steps safely and confidently.


But the FfE mentoring program is not just limited to the beginning. Throughout their time at the FfE, students have contact with their mentors, who also offer them long-term support. The special thing about our program is the extraordinary atmosphere of community created by the support among students. A strong network of knowledge and experience is formed, from which everyone involved benefits. Mentors have the opportunity to strengthen their leadership and social skills, while mentees learn from the experiences of their mentors and are supported in their personal development.

Our mentoring program shows how important and valuable it is to support and learn from each other. It creates an ideal environment in which students can realize their potential and achieve success together. In this way, we strengthen our sustainable and supportive environment and give young talents the opportunity to prove themselves in the energy industry.