About FfE Campus

The student program at the FfE (FfE Campus) is aimed at students who have a keen interest in the energy industry and can imagine a career in the sector. The program offers students the opportunity to deepen and expand their knowledge and skills in the energy industry.

The FfE Campus consists of various elements designed to provide students with practical training. These include workshops and training courses on current topics and challenges of the energy transition. Another important part of the FfE Campus is the opportunity to work on current FfE research projects and write their own research papers. This allows our students to gain valuable experience in scientific work and deepen their knowledge of the energy industry.

The student program at the FfE is therefore not only intended to give students a deeper understanding of the energy industry, but also to help prepare them for a career in this field. Students have the opportunity to expand their network in the industry and establish contacts with companies and specialists. This gives them initial insights into the industry through the FfE’s broad network.

A shared workspace called “Student-Palace” strengthens interpersonal relationships and allows our students to exchange ideas with each other on a daily basis. The Studi-Palast is diligently spruced up by the students under the guidance of the student representatives, for example with plants.A regular meeting on site and online provides a nice framework for important information and personal exchange.

The FfE campus is well equipped and offers two monitors per workstation, the option to work from home via VPN and height-adjustable desks. If you have any requests or specific concerns, you can contact our student representatives, who will be happy to help and advise you.